Sex Fling – How to Tell If A Woman in Hamilton Really Wants You

woman wants youIs there any more confusing to a man other than the thought that there is a lady who is into him and wants him to ask her out? This is a very confusing yet challenging thought that has always disturbed men throughout the ages. Some men are usually of the opinion that ladies must be pushed around until they finally say yes to a date. This is not the only way to drive your point home. You can choose to sit back and observe the lady’s body language and responses while in your presence. This will give you just as good an indication as any that she is ready for you, and wants you to ask her out.

How to Conclusively Tell That a Woman is Into You

It is a big challenge to many men to identify when a woman is ready to be taken out or not. Not many men can look at a woman, especially one he has been talking with for a while through sex fling sites or elsewhere, and determine conclusively that she is now ready to be taken out. However, with a bit of exercise and skills, you can comfortably tell when a woman is ready without waiting for her to open up to you and tell you in person that you should go out. By the time you hear her saying verbally what she feels, it means she has tried to be subtle but you probably failed to interpret the signs.

Read Her Body Language

Learn to observe her responses to you over a period of time. When you make the first move and she doesn’t even reply to your greetings, but with time appears to be warming up to you and starts to respond to you, this can be interpreted as signs that she is now ready to be asked out. Make it a habit to observe her body language when you are near her and see how she responds to your presence. If you notice things such as a smile flashed your way, or the fact that she maintains eye contact with you for an extended period of time, this is indicative of the fact that she is willing to be asked out on a date.

How Touchy is She?

This still falls within the purview of body language. She probably never used to touch you when you first met on the sex fling site Erotic Ads which you were both members of. However, as she starts to warm up to you and is able to relax in your presence, she might start touching you in the safe areas such as on your arms. What you need to do, is to develop an ability of telling whether this is her nature or she is probably demonstrating it only with you and no one else. In order for you to tell which case applies with you, it would be wise to observe how she reacts in the presence of other people or men she interacts with.

How Happy Does She Feel in Your Presence?

A lady, who is starting to feel you and get really into you, will develop the habit of laughing even at things which are not funny, so long as they come from your mouth. She is in reality sending out hints to you that she is ready to be taken out. She is telling you that she enjoys your company and thinks that you are really a very funny individual to hang around. Never forget that women love to be with men who generally make them happy about themselves. When such a scenario emerges, you should not waste any time. Strike the iron while it is hot and ask to take her out on a date.

Does She Ask You to Do things Meant for People on Steady Relationships?

It doesn’t matter whether you have been on a relationship or not; we all have an idea as to what people do when they are going out on a steady relationship. This is what you need to keep in mind when you meet with a lady through sex fling sites. Whether she resides in Hamilton near you or not, you can always tell when she is starting to ask you to do some extra things beyond what would be expected of people who aren’t in a steady relationship yet. Learn to keep your ears and eyes open to such scenarios and when they occur, make use of this opportunity to ask her out on a date.

What Kinds of Gifts Does She Send to You?

There are certain types of gifts that only a person who feels attracted to you will send to you. If she wants you to realize that you are special to her, she will get a gift and put care to make it as personalized to you as possible. She is doing this to let you know that she is thinking about you. She is also doing this to make you realize that you are now more than a friend to her and that she is ready to take this friendship into the next level. You owe it to yourself and to the poor lady not to miss such signs or hints. This can only happen when you get out of sex fling sites and come back to the real dating game with this woman.

Does She Keep Asking You to take Pictures With Her?

What more do you want the lady to do in order to help you understand that she is really into you? Ladies are very careful with whom they take pictures with. Most of the time she will be captured in photographs with people she believes matter or are very important to her. If she starts to ask you to take photos together with her, then she is clearly into you. She most probably looking for more time to spend with you. She wants to capture as much as she can of instances when the two of you are together. This is the right time to leave your visits to sex fling sites and start asking her out on a date.

What is Her Response to Things You Ask Her to Do?

If this lady does everything you ask of her, then she is so into you and wants to spend more time with you. If you notice that she is too responsive to your ideas and is quick to respond to your suggestions regarding what you want to be done, then she is sending you very clear signals that she is ready for a date and is asking you what is holding you back. There are some things that you don’t need to be told in back and white or plainly for you to realize what is going on. If this wasn’t a clear sign, then everyone you try dating would respond in a similar manner, even if is your crush on the sex fling sites you frequent.

Does She Mention Other Men in Your Presence?

Men are quite alert to such issues, at least most of them are. Even where you meet with a new lady on the sex fling sites, she will offer details about her past relationship where she ostensibly got hurt by her man. She might continue making mention of this woman for quite some time. The day you notice that she has stopped talking about other men in your presence, you need to be alert. She is speaking to you and telling you that the coast is clear and you can now make your move. Well, don’t take this to be a sign that she is interested inn a relationship. She is only saying that she won’t mind hoping on a date with you.

Ways to Compliment Her and Not Sound Creepy

If you’ve ever wanted to compliment a girl and not sound like a total creep doing it, we’ve got some ideas. We understand that in this day and age, almost everything can come out sounding weird, and while you might not mean to be offensive, it might come off that way. It’s especially important when you’re trying to have a one-night affair, because you’ve only really got one chance to impress this girl and get her to come home with you. With these tips, Having an Affair with Married Women Has Never Been Easier. That’s why it’s important to choose your words carefully, and more importantly, know what words not to use. If you know how to compliment a woman without sounding creepy or too insistent about getting her to come home with you, then you’re going to have a much easier time getting her in the sack.

Start With Her Eyes

compimenting her eyes

Compliment her eyes

One of the best things to compliment a woman on if you want to get her attention is her eyes. That requires that you make eye contact, of course, which is what many men seem to shy away from. It’s an unfortunate thing that they do, because ladies really can appreciate a guy that’s bold enough to meet their eyes, especially with an award-winning smile. Get a good look at her eyes, the color of them, the shape, and how long her lashes are. That will give you plenty to comment on, and trust us, when you’re having a one-night affair, it’s important that you have a lot to say. The thing about women is that they can appreciate a compliment no matter where they’re from, be it Manitoba or who knows where. If you want to talk about her eyes, tell her that they’re the most beautiful color that you’ve ever seen. Teasingly ask her if her lashes are real, because they’re longer than you’ve ever seen on a lady before. You can sit and flirt with her about her eyes for as long as you want, because trust us; there’s a lot of stuff you can go on there without being a total creep about it.

From Her Eyes, Talk About Her Smile

make her smile

If her smile cheers you up – give her a compliment

It’s also pretty easy to compliment a girl’s smile without being a total creep. What you have to be careful with, of course, is to not end up being too cliché when you do it. Every woman has heard the pick-up line talking about how their smile just lights up the room, so avoid that sort of thing and just walk over and tell her that she’s got a lovely smile. Offer to buy her a drink from there and you can actually have a conversation that has nothing to do with her smile, but her interests instead.Talking about a woman’s smile really opens up doors for a one-night affair because of its honest, sweet affection in the compliment. From there, you can talk to her about how she seems like such an interesting person, and how she must obviously be happy about a lot of things in her life considering how much she can smile. You can start talking about her interests from there, and what she’s into. You might find out that the two of you have a lot in common, and that can make it a lot easier for both of you to get into other, more sexy conversations that talk about interests that she has behind closed doors. It doesn’t matter if she’s from Manitoba or if she’s from any other part of the world; telling her that she’s got a gorgeous smile just opens up doors. It’s an easy, simple compliment that can help you talk to her for a longer period of time, and really gauge her interest in you in return.

Amp It Up and Talk About Her Hair

compliment her hair

Compliment her hair and kiss her

A lot of guys shy away from talking about women’s hair, but if you’ve got a lady that already seems particularly receptive to your advances, talking about how gorgeous her hair is can add an edge of sexiness to the conversation that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. If she seems pretty into the compliment that you’re giving her, it’s all but an invitation to reach out and actually touch it–but of course, always ask if you may before you reach out and bury your hand into those luscious locks. Talking about her hair can lead to a lot of sexy conversations, and a lot of little, errant touches that will really turn her on and make her that much more interested in you. Many women are extremely turned on by having their hair touched, and if she seems into it, you can always start rubbing her shoulder or the back of her neck. You obviously don’t want to go too far if she doesn’t seem receptive, so be careful with this technique, but if she’s up for it, then by all means–touch away.

In Certain Situations, Talk About Her Outfit

impress her

She would love it

This is especially easy to do with online dating sites, and not really something that we recommend that you do in person. It can be seen as creepy and cheesy on top of that, and it puts women off quicker than almost anything. That’s why we highly suggest that you reserve these kinds of compliments to online dating sites where these ladies put up a lot of different pictures of themselves.The way to compliment a woman about her outfit on an online website is pretty easy. When you’re sending her a message, tell her that she looked absolutely amazing in that red dress of hers in that one picture. When you’re talking to her later on, it’ll be pretty easy to go back to that compliment and ask her if she’d be interested in wearing that same dress when you meet up for your hookup in a week. It will show that you’ve still maintained that interest in her, and that you’ve actually remembered her and paid attention to her in the best way possible. You can also use this kind of compliment for any sexy outfits that she might be wearing, especially on fetish hookup sites. Depending on how hardcore the site is, you can get pretty raunchy in your compliments without being too creepy. Just make sure that you always stay within the level of appropriateness that she’s displaying, and not to go too overboard talking about what you’d like to do to her. Stick instead to the fact that she looks gorgeous, and that you can’t imagine anyone else pulling off that latex and leather as well as she does. It’ll strike a chord, and really get her to pay attention to the guy that’s looking long and hard at her pictures. In general, it’s pretty easy to not be creepy when you’re complimenting a lady. It all depends on the situation you’re in, but there are compliments for every occasion, and there are levels of appropriateness that you just need to learn to be able to judge. With that in mind, you’ll be able to find the right thing to say and the right way to lead her into your bedroom once you’ve buttered her up.

Dating a Feminist – What you need to know?

not easy

It is not going to be an easy ride

Thanks to the Internet, feminists have a really negative reputation. Many people think feminists are angry, men-hating lesbians who want to rule the world and want all men to suffer. We can fully and honestly tell you that this could not be further from the truth. There is a word for women who hate all men, but that word does not matter because those are clearly not the type of women you want to date. While there are indeed feminists who are lesbians and dislike many men, most feminists are fine with men and a hefty percentage of them are heterosexual. Feminists are not solely all for women’s rights. Feminists, real feminists, are for the rights of everyone. Feminists want equality for everyone, and dating one really is not that difficult if you are a decent human being.

Feminists are everywhere

date her

Won’t you date her?

Chances are that if you’ve spent any time in Ontario, you’ve interacted with at least one feminist. Feminists look, sound, and act like many other women. There is nothing about their appearance that will make them stand out in a crowd. The same goes for when you’re searching for women to date on various dating websites. No matter how great they are; good dating sites reviews are not going to tell you which dating website has the most feminist profiles. Also, when you are reading over dating profiles, you may notice that many women will not list that they are feminists. This does mean that they are not feminists or that they are hiding the fact that they are feminists to lure unsuspecting men. It just means that they did not feel it was worth mentioning.

Will you click?

dating a feminist

Things can get really spicy when dating a feminist

If you meet a woman or read an online dating profile that mentions that a woman is a feminist, you can feel free to ask her if she could elaborate on what a feminist is. The fact that she mentioned it probably means that she wants to talk about it in the first place. Most websites, like,, and other sites that have gotten good dating sites reviews, will not tell you how you should go about dating a feminist. While you should not have to change anything about yourself to date someone, you might want to take the time to figure out exactly who you are and what your beliefs are before you start dating a feminist.

A feminist may not have an interest in traditional roles. If you are the type of man who thinks that it is a woman’s responsibility to do things like housekeeping and tending to children, dating a feminist may not be right for you. Many feminists do not care for traditional gender roles, which mean that if you absolutely refuse to wash dishes or do laundry; you and a feminist woman are not going to work out.

Feminists care about the rights of everyone. What this means is that if you have a problem with anyone because of the color of their skin, their nationality, their sexual orientation, or their bodies and how they choose to present them, a feminist is definitely not the right woman for you. A feminist wants the world to be a better place for everyone, and prejudice is something that they will not ignore.

Some dating websites with good dating sites reviews allow their users to answer a bunch of questions and some of the questions may relate to these types of topics. For instance, OKCupid has their users answer several of questions that help to reveal your personality. If you are homophobic and answer as such, but then tell a feminist that you are not homophobic, she may end up seeing the question and calling you out on it.

We all love a good joke. Even feminists do. But your definition of funny may be completely different from a feminist’s. If you are the type of man who thinks jokes based on stereotypes and dark humor is funny, you may want to be careful with sharing any of that type of thing with feminists.

If you believe yourself to be a feminist, that is cool. Or if you feel like you want to become one that is great. But do not expect her to be impressed by you being or wanting to become a feminist. Feminists are not excited when a man says he is a feminist. They believe that all people should be feminists and that no one should receive any type of special credit for it. To most feminists, being a feminist is about being a good person without reward or payoff.

How you should behave on your date

be a gentleman

Be a gentleman for a feminist

If you have managed to land a date with a feminist, you do not really have to do anything differently than what you would normally do. If you are the type of man who enjoys holding the door open for a lady, you do not need to stop doing that simply because you are on a date with a feminist. The same goes for how you typically have dinner. If you are not sure if you should pay for it or if the two of you should go half, ask her if it is okay if you pay. Speaking of dates, get her input. Do not just decide everything for her. That will not work out well at all. If you want to surprise her, ask her if it is okay if you keep the date you have in mind a secret because you want it to be a surprise. If she says no, respect her and her choice.

Another thing you should consider when dating a feminist is how to handle discussions about topics where your opinions may differ. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. If she does have the same opinion as you, do not argue with her about it. You are not going to win and you are going to ruin your date. A simple, “I understand what you are saying, and I respect your opinion, but let’s agree to disagree” will do just fine. Do not be condescending when you reply. Be honest and sincere, or do not bother dating a feminist in the first place.

Many good dating sites reviews typically fail to mention anything about feminists or feminism, but the topic is gaining more and more popularity as more people begin to define what they believe feminists are and what they do. There may be a long time coming before there is a site that is solely for people who are feminists and only want to date feminists, but it will eventually happen. The world is changing, not just Ontario. People all over the world are finding their voices and they are standing up to their oppressors.

If you discover that the person you are trying to date is a feminist, take some time to learn as much about feminists and feminism as you can. Decide whether or not you are a feminist and if not, you may have to make the difficult decision of letting the woman you are interested in pass you by. Feminists have an agenda and if you are not with them, then you are against them and trying to date one is just too much trouble when that happens. Trust us.

Is Jealousy Ruining Your Life?

Everyone gets jealous. It is a natural feeling that we all have, to varying degrees, from time to time. Jealousy is probably one of the first emotions we can remember when we think back to the schoolyard and the time the girl we had a crush on kissed our best friend instead (I will never forgive her!) Unfortunately, though it stalks us through life, it is one of the worst emotions to exhibit and one of the ones that makes us a real pain to be around. It completely takes over and makes us depressed, nasty, and angry.Therefore, the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. Jealousy is ruining your life because nothing good can every come from it. It doesn’t mean you should never feel jealousy, rather you should be mindful of it taking up too much time in your head, and too much time in your heart.If you are worried that jealousy is taking over your life though, then there are plenty of things you can do to combat it, pushing it to the back of your mind, or eliminating it all together. These all revolve around how you treat yourself and how you treat others, and I have listed my three ways of combatting jealousy here

jealousy 1

Use your jealousy

Channel It

This is less about getting rid of jealousy and more about using it to your advantage. Jealousy is essentially your brain telling you that you want a better life. It looks at others and wishes you were in their shoes, with their boyfriend, job, or looks. But really what it is subconsciously telling you is that you are not happy with your own life and want to improve it. It would be great if you could just step into someone else’s shoes and take over their life, leading it brilliantly, but that is not what really happens.Instead you have to use this jealousy as a motivation to improve your own life. Think about what makes you most jealousy in your friends. Is it the partners that they have, their success at work, or their flat stomachs? Any of these can spur you on to make the changes in your life so that you have success in these areas. Instead of allowing the jealousy to seethe at home, head out on the trail and pound out the anger over a few miles. When you get back you will feel less jealousy of them, and far better about yourself.Only when you start to realize that jealousy is really about making changes in your own life will you be able to beat the monster.

jealousy 2

Don’t get caught up in jealousy

Celebrate Others

Here is a mental trick to make sure that jealousy does not rear its ugly head too much. Whenever a friend has success, when you start to feel the jealousy monster appearing in your own mind, swat it away with a couple of well-chosen words – “Well done!”If you immediately switch it around and compliment the other person on their success without letting jealousy get the better of you, you will feel much better about yourself and much better about the situation. This might be one of the times where you have to fake it to make it to start with, pretending you are happy when you feel anything but, but over time you will start to feel genuine joy when a friend tells you about their new beau, or their promotion. Though you might wonder when you will have such success, at this you will not be wallowing in the mire of self-pity and jealousy of before, and will be able to get on the road to your own success.

jealousy 1

Don’t worry about others

Don’t Compare Yourself

This is the hardest to achieve, but ultimately the best for you. Sometimes you have to sit back and be able to say “well, yeah, Jane does have a great body, and I am never going to have a body like that.”It is normal to compare ourselves to our peers, and our early life is often predicated on exactly that. But at some point in your life you have to let go of the desire to be perfect. I am not saying do not strive for greatness, but instead understand you can achieve greatness in your own way. You might not have the body of your friend Jane, but maybe you have a better mind, and Jane sits at home wishing she was just as smart.

These constant comparisons and competitions that we have going on in our heads really cause us mental anguish and the more you can get rid of them the happier you will become. Understanding that you are unique, different in ability and make-up to all the pother people of the world is the first step to becoming truly happy with yourself. Once you stop comparing and trying to beat others, you can start to see what you really want in life, and how to succeed on your own terms.

Finding Love Again

If you have just come out of a serious relationship, it can be difficult seeing how you could ever find love again. In fact, straight after the relationship you probably do not want to, either still pining for the lost love, or too sick of relationships to get involved with anyone else.But hopefully that will pass again and you will eventually feel ready to start seeing other people. But getting back into the dating game after so long out can be difficult. Dating usually seems like a young person’s game, and you can feel very out of place at a club or a bar when everyone else was born in a different decade.

However it is possible to get back on the horse and find love again, just as long as you are prepared correctly. Then you can have as much fun as you did in your youth, and find exactly the right person for the next phase of your life.

find love again 1

Anyone can find love

Setting Expectations

If you were married, or in a long-term relationship, then it can be the most difficult adapting to single life again, and then adapting to another person. You are probably so used to someone knowing your every move, your every like and dislike and how exactly you like you eggs in the morning, that when someone comes along that doesn’t know these things it can grate. Then you start to compare them to your previous love, and that is really the end.Instead you have to realize that everyone is different and that you can to give everyone time to adjust. Instead of comparing it to the end of your last relationship, instead compare it to the beginning. Think back to the struggles of the first few dates of you previous relationship and this will give you a better idea of where you stand in the new one.Remember that everyone is different, then you can enjoy this difference, and savor the contrast between this and the failed relationship.

find love again 2

Forget about the past

Clear Your Head

If you still do think of your ex, then it is always going to be difficult finding someone new. Even if you do it subconsciously, any comparison between them and your new partner will cause you and them problems.If you stay too attached to the past, then you can never really immerse yourself in the present, and definitely will not be able to think of the future. Any current partners will be able to pick up on this and see that you are not entirely invested in the relationship.What you need to do is to start clearing you head of thoughts of the past. That relationship is not coming back, and you may not even want it back. Instead start looking to the future. The best way to do this is to forget about relationships altogether and just start concentrating on you. Often when relationships fall apart, it is as much about how the individuals see their own lives as it is about problems within the relationship. Perhaps you want to change jobs, lose weight, or go traveling. These are all viable opportunities now that you are free, and all could be the jumping off point for your future life.By concentrating more on yourself and stopping wondering whether other people can make you happy, you will be able to become happier within yourself, and become ready again to accommodate someone else in your life.

find love again 3

Enjoy yourself

Get Out There

Once you are ready, then what is keeping you? Many people out of long-term relationships can feel the dating scene isn’t for them, but this simply isn’t true. There are people of all ages on dating sites online, or out in bars at night, for you to chat to and get to know.This time can be the best time of your life if you go with it, and will give you a new lease of life, making you feel young and carefree again. That giddy excitement of a first date, or the never ending thoughts of someone you have clicked with are great feelings that you can have again in your life. Enjoy this time, with all its highs and lows and allow yourself the time to soak it up and see who is out there. Try to avoid snapping up the first person that comes alone just because you are lonely, or feel better with someone. Instead give it a real go at finding the right person for you with your second chance.Once you have found that second chance, again enjoy it. DO not go back and compare to your past relationships, and do not expect them to be your previous partner. Instead enjoy the complete novelty of someone new, and enjoy the novelty of becoming someone new.

Cheating Advice

Cheating is unfortunately a facet of relationships people don’t like to talk about. It’s vulgar and it can bring up so much negative feeling that people don’t like to think about it, let alone figure out ways to stop it happening.

Cheating is the biggest threat to most relationships and it can happen in multiple ways. Whether or not you get drunk and make a bad mistake or you are longing for a more emotional connection with someone, there’s a lot of reasons why people cheat, some of which are ‘good’ but most are bad.

Finding out your partner has cheated on you is truly devastating, especially if you didn’t think they would do such a thing. Cheating is a betrayal of trust and you’ll be emotionally scarred for a long time after the event.

A large percentage of infidelity happens to people who aren’t actively looking to cheat. They just happen to be with the wrong people at the wrong time.

relationship problems

Sometimes, it is obvious there’s a problem

Some Relationships Can Continue

There’s a huge amount of people that have the rule “Cheating = Over”.

This is a fair enough rule and someone that cheats probably doesn’t deserve a second chance. You don’t tend to hear relationships that have carried on after a bout of infidelity because nobody wants to dredge up the past and talk about it openly. Some couples do indeed live on after cheating, especially when the reason for cheating was a simple one. A lot of affairs are simply about sex, because people don’t feel like they are intimate enough with their partner anymore, and want to feel like they are still attractive and want to feel loved.

Whether this happens out of their partner being at work all the time and not making any time for each other or other reasons is beside the point.


Reducing Infidelity

The top way of reducing infidelity is making sure you spend enough time with your partner to make them feel sexy and attractive. When you don’t do that, people are much more likely to look elsewhere for solace, sex and companionship. Some people might be able to find these things elsewhere, solace from friends and so on, which means they won’t cheat but won’t be happy either. Your relationship is important, no matter what you say, else you wouldn’t be in it. There’s nobody in the world who is too busy to take 15 minutes out of their day to spend with their partner and you are deluding yourself if you think that is okay.

flirting on bed

It’s important to make time for each others needs


Another method for reducing infidelity is having scheduled talks about any problems in your relationship. Rather than waiting until you are fed up of your partner’s slights, take a proactive approach to problem solving by talking about things before they get out of hand. The old adage “A stitch in time saves nine” is perfect here, because taking about problems before they become massive is so incredibly valuable. It’s difficult to approach these kinds of subjects with your partner, but allotting a time and a place to talk about everything, getting stuff off your chest without judgement or retort until you are finished talking is a great way to lessen the anxiety you might feel from doing so.

Don’t be scared about what your partner might say or do if you suggest this step. If your partner doesn’t like the idea of talking about things, then you may want to start looking elsewhere. Communication is the lifeblood of all relationships, especially romantic relationships.

Find Out What Your Partner’s Needs Are

A lot of couples don’t truly understand what their partner needs to be happy and content. Some people need to have more sex than others to feel useful, whereas others just want to be comfortable in their relationship. Furthermore, some people need emotional solace and someone to work through things with, rather than comfort or sex. Finding out what blend of the three options above your partner needs will be trial and error. Once you’ve figured this out though, there will be no reason for your partner or yourself to look elsewhere because all of their needs are being met by you. If you are comfortable with asking awkward questions, you can always ask your partner what they feel you could do better in the relationship and tell them what they could do to make it stronger. Relationships should be a top priority, especially when they are longer term and getting more and more serious. Infidelity can be stopped with prior action, so don’t wait. If your partner doesn’t want to talk because it is awkward, find a way to get them to. This is important, don’t let them forget this fact about life.

Writing An Online Dating Profile? The Top 3 No-No’s

When you first start dating online one of the initial things you do is to set up your profile. Most people think this is one of the easier parts, but in reality your profile dictates exactly how much attention you’ll get online and how successful you will be with online dating.
Generally people put very little effort into writing the profile. Of course up with the name, their age, and perhaps a little bit of a physical description and something about what they do. They might include what they want from partner but that is really about it. This is almost no better than leaving the entire profile section blank. It tells the other people on the site almost nothing about you and makes it easy for them to dismiss you and leave on to the next person. You have to remember on an online dating website, you are up against hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors. Other members looking through profiles will spend only a few seconds on each. If yours does not stand out, you’re sunk.
Here are the three most common ways that people screw up that online profile…

no profile picture

People will think you are him if you have no picture

You Don’t Have A Picture

Having a picture is absolutely vital. If you have an online dating profile and you do not have a picture attached to it, stop reading this right now and go and upload one. Nobody bothers with profiles that do not have an image attached. This is the two obvious reasons. One, the immediate thoughts when somebody does not have a picture is that they are not very good-looking and do not want to show themselves. Whether this is true or not doesn’t really matter it is what people think. The second reason is that people think that the account is dormant if no picture is attached. Therefore you have to have some type of image so that people can immediately see you when they are searching through profiles on the site.
However, another mistake people make is to leave it at that, one single picture. This also deters other members as then they think that either this is the only decent photo of you, or it’s just a fake photo. Either way, not good for you. Most sites allow you to upload a number of photos and you should take advantage of this. Upload a face picture showing what you look like, and then some good action pictures, showing what you enjoy doing and allowing people to get a better representation of you.
If you have these pictures your profile is already better than 90% of dating profiles online.

good profile picture

A great profile picture

You Say Too Little

This second mistake is exactly what I talked about in the introduction. People in general do not like writing about themselves and bigging themselves up. Unfortunately that is exactly what you need to do on a dating site. Of course, you do not have to sound arrogant or over the top. Instead you can write a good profile about yourself and still keep it funny and charming.
By having a paragraph or two about what you enjoy doing, what your life is like, and what you would like it to be like you can make your profile and interesting read and make people want to contact you to learn more.
Instead of simply listing your hobbies or interests, talk a bit about them. If you enjoy skydiving, described the rush you get as you exit the plane and why it drives you on. If you enjoy music, talk about the last gig you went to see, the first album you ever bought, instead of just listing your favorite bands. This way any potential dater can get much better idea of you and your real personality before getting in touch. Plus, it gives them an in, a way to start conversation with you and to get the ball rolling.

profile too much

Don’t go overboard in your profile

You Say Too Much

Sometimes however people make the opposite mistake. Instead of keeping it to a couple of short paragraphs and anecdotes about their life, they let everything spill out onto the page. They talk about their entire lives, past relationships, ex-boyfriends, and what they really want from the future. Though I think it is good to talk about what you want so potential partners can see if they match, going into too much detail will inevitably put people off.

Particularly you should avoid talking about failed relationships in the past and what ex-partners did wrong. This will just paint you as someone who either complains a lot, is very negative, or does not see their own faults. All of these are not traits people want from the partners. Instead keep any profile light, breezy, and fun so that’s people can see the positive side of your personality and will be dying to get in touch.

How Can You Tell That Your Partner Is The One?

A partner can be a life partner or an acquaintance in one of the phases in our life. We need to look for signs that indicate we have the right partner. One of the factors affecting human relationship is emotion. We are entangled in various relationships; we are brother or sister to someone; we are children or parents. The most cherished and wonderful relationship is life partner. Life partner relationship complements each other are plus points and nullify each other’s negative point. We as humans have inbuilt mechanism call it intuition or anything; we get acquainted with a person and get a very special feeling that he or she is going to be our life long partner.

You must have the phrase, ‘truth is god'; this is often repeated phrase and truth upholds one’s integrity and sincerity. Being truthful instills lot of confidence and the person will have a very strong outlook. There is a clear telltale sign which tells you that yes this person is made for me. Let us briefly find out what these telltale signs are?

Suddenly you find at one stage of your life, someone is showing interest in you; the person literally bows over whenever he or she meets you. The person longs for your company without any ulterior motive. You will also not feel embarrassed by this attention but feel elated over this constant focus. This is one of the signs that the person is pursuing you with genuine interest.

The association begins and you find out to your amazement that he or she is in tune with your thoughts. The conversation between you is very deep and you spend considerable time in discussing about a subject. The discussion is very encouraging and you feel energized after each discussion. This is perhaps the other sign which tells you the compatibility ration between you two is great.

How did you meet your partner

How did you meet your partner

The courtship begins and you feel one with the person. No one is superior in this relationship and the other person confides with you all his or her innermost secrets. Looks like you are on the right path.

The relationship takes a sudden turn and you feel you have a feeling much more than mere friendship. Yes, you are in love with the person; you long to meet and talk to your partner and your partner reciprocates the emotion in equal terms. Your relationship is going steadily towards developing a strong bond. The bond which binds both of you together and perhaps will bind you for the life. You feel you are no longer separated from him in thoughts or actions. There is oneness in both of your purpose of life and both of you in unison plan for the future.

The beauty of this relationship is there is no glorification of personality; each partner retains his or her identity and has freedom to pursue his or her desired plan. Life becomes a beautiful journey; you will never notice how time flies, for both of you the time stands still.

your partner really know

your partner really know

Selecting The Right Technology For Leisure And Entertainment

Entertainment and leisure are essential to take rest, relax, have fun and get prepared for a new week. All work and no play make everyone dull. So, entertainment is necessary for all the reasons stated above. There are many modes of entertainment within a home. A person can watch television or engage in games, in play station and so on. Television is suited for everyone since a person can spend quality time with his family. Not only television, but a person can also watch movies, previously recorded vacation videos, funny videos and so on via home theatre projectors.

Television And The Home Theatre Projectors

A home theater can be placed in a considerably larger room, with surround sounds and with sound illumination facilities. The room should have space for the projector’s screen, the projector and a minimum seating capacity of 25, for the whole family to watch. A television on the converse requires less space and can be kept in the living room. It does not necessarily require huge space and advanced surround sound systems. Comparing the space occupied by both these appliances, a television requires less space compared to home theatre projection system.

Variations And Different Types Of Television

A television can be manufactured from different vendors e.g. Sony, Samsung, Phillips, Panasonic and so on. The televisions come in different sizes starting from 14″ ranging up to 96″. The technology used in these televisions also varies. Some televisions are advanced and are commonly called as smart television which acts as a personal computer with touch screens and internet connectivity. The televisions which are being released today are flat screened with thickness less than 2″. The picture clarity and quality are also superior compared to a projector system. However, all these features have a price to pay. The price comparisons between television and projector systems are discussed in the last paragraph.

Choosing the right technology

Choosing the right technology

Variations And Different Types Of Projector Systems

Just like a television set, the home projection systems are also manufactured by different vendors namely Sony, Panasonic, Acer, Ben Q and so on. Projectors are compact and can be placed over a mount, suitably in the room. The clarity of the picture depends upon the technology used in a projector system. Some parameters can be used to determine the clarity of the picture namely the brightness, contrast ratio, lamp life and so on. It should be noted that unlike a television set, a home projector system would emit noise as it projects pictures. The noise levels are minimal and can be used to determine the Quality of a projector system. Unlike a television’s plug and play system, the projector should be adjusted with the screen for clarity. Each time the screen is moved, this adjustment should be done.

The price of television and projector sets

The price of a television depends upon its screen size, aspect ratio, picture clarity and so on. As stated above, the price of a projector system depends upon the technology and parameters. In order to get a clear picture, consider that a person has $2000 for buying either a projector system or a television. The person can buy a high quality, high aspect ratio television with this amount. The same amount can be used to buy only an average projector system. Finally, considering the space of occupation, cost of the product, level of quality, a television is the best choice than a projector system.

LG Hecto Laser TV Projector

LG Hecto Laser TV Projector

5 Things Worth Splurging On

In today’s fumbling economy, most of us are living on a low income or a tight budget. We are tempted to buy cheaper items but there are some things on which we should splurge a little bit while buying. There are many things on which we should spend a little bit extra. The 5 items that has been mentioned here are not exactly luxury items but are those for which you are expected to pay a little bit of extra money.

1) Bed and mattresses

Mattresses tend to be very expensive and there are a lot of people who will opt for cheaper quality mattresses in order to save money. But a majority of these mattresses are really hard and causes severe back problems down the years. A mattress is something that will be used everyday so it makes sense to spend a few dollars more to buy a more comfortable one. If you buy a mattress worth $800 and use it for 3 – 4 years then you are basically spending less than 0.50 cents per days. This is really saving a lot of money.

2) Home appliances

Home appliances are very good investments where you can splurge. You may not be tempted to spend a huge amount of money on a washing machine but when you buy a really powerful one and with a front loading system then that money will be worth spending.



3) Good quality clothes

There are a lot of people who are reluctant to spend a lot of money on buying clothes as many cheap options are readily available. However, if you are spending $70 on a pair of trousers is definitely a good investment than spending $12 – 15 on a pair which will not last even one year.

4) Glasses

If you are used to wearing spectacles then you definitely know how expensive they are! But it is also common knowledge that cheap frames are not at all comfortable and the lenses can actually harm your eyes than doing any good. Glasses are a part of your daily appearance and routine. If you continue to use cheap glasses then you will harm your eyes in the long run. Since you will be using this constantly, it makes sense to invest in a good pair of glasses. You will also feel good and confident when interacting in the corporate circle.

5) Vacations

It is a great idea to splurge on vacations once in a while. If you are on a budget then you cannot enjoy your holiday as you are constantly thinking about the impending hotel bills. So shed all your worries and spend a decent amount of money of your vacation and you will never regret your decision. At the same time it must be mentioned that splurging on a vacation does not mean that you need thousands of dollars on an international vacation.

Ten things worth splurging on

Ten things worth splurging on

There are lots of other things which are worth splurging on like apartments, non-stop flights, shoes, tools etc but the above-mentioned 5 items should be on the top of the priority list. There is no point in holding back your money when spending on any of these 5 as there will be good returns in the long run.

Effective Ways Of Growing The Small Business Using The Social Media

Being an owner of a small business you will be faced with a number of challenges such as a small staff, limited funds and even too much to do with little time to do it. There are ways that one can grow the business without making so much investment on advertising and marketing. One of the tools that can be used is the social media which will help increase your revenue.

Understanding social media and its effect on business

This is an online media where people network, share, participate and talk through MySpace, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The most popular among this are Twitter and Facebook and these platforms will offer a lot of benefits for your small business. They help grow the business through:

Improved presence in the web the more people talk about your business on the social media the higher the chances that it will be found on through searches on Bing, Yahoo and Google.


mainly small businesses will rely on network marketing to get leads to their business. Social media will give them unlimited exposure to leads

Zero cost

this marketing is almost free and will require almost no penny to get the message one has across.

Contact with customers

it puts one in direct contact with the customers and it helps you know what they really need.

Small businesses have more

Small businesses have more

How to start growing the small business using this platform

Transparency in all your dealings as the social media will not offer you customers if your service or product is not good. As you are building relationships have a visual so that people can feel they are dealing with someone real and let the user id you choose be descriptive and short to help people follow you.

Build followers and the right connections

The experience the business will have on this platform will be as good as the network that has been built by you. It is good to identify the kind of people that you want and follow the same people. Take time to identify the prospectors and in Twitter you can use the suggested directories

Leave fingerprints

Leave comments on blogs or articles as it helps your ranking move up. Ensure they are appropriate and transparent. Before any comment is accepted most of these sites will require a website and a name.

Using Social Media To Compete

Using Social Media To Compete


This is the best way to help grow the business as it allows continuous communication with the customers as well as reducing the competition. By not blogging you will be losing some great opportunities.

It is no doubt that social media will help promote the small business product or service as well as generating leads and establishing authority for your business. Maintain the presence as professional and embark on activities that will help build the business. Remember relationship building is very important though one needs to be sure it is the right people. With patience your network will grow with time and the business will be in full marketing mode.

Stay Charged With Super Foods

When it comes to increasing the energy levels, exercise is the best thing one could do. But without proper nutrition, exercise can’t increase power. Eating proper, highly nutritious food is the only way to boost the energy level of a person. By eating super foods it is certain that a person will have some rise in energy levels and enhances the mood significantly. Super foods are foods which have an optimum content of Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals, and Electrolytes. These foods have a very low calorific value. Eating proper high energy food is like fueling the body and it is important to choose the food items wisely. Some of the power foods, which could boost the energy level, are Almonds, Green Tea, Spirulina, Maca Powder and Coconut.

Energy Boosting Super foods


Almonds are a great source of vitamins and right from their childhood, everyone has heard that, almonds are great energy boosters. Almonds are high in potassium and low in sodium. They help in regulating the blood pressure of the body and thereby increasing the energy level. Almonds consist of saturated fatty acids, calcium, zinc and protein. All of these are proven energy boosting substances.

Green Tea

Green tea contains powerful anti-oxidants, which helps in fighting cancer. It has a very little quantity of Caffeine and a lot of anti-oxidants, which boosts the energy levels of the body. Research on green tea reveals that, consuming four cups of green tea a day increases the energy level of the body by 8 to 24%. Other than just boosting the energy level of the body, it also helps to fight some cancer cell, reduce the risk of heart attacks and promotes bone health.


Spirulina is nothing but blue green algae which develops in alkaline lakes and rivers. Consuming 3 to 6 grams of Spirulina powder a day helps to boost the energy level of the body. It helps to overcome anemia by increasing the iron content of the body. Spirulina helps by increasing the absorptive power of the body. By doing so, the minerals and vitamins from other food substances are absorbed well by the body and thereby increasing the energy levels.

super foods. Uploaded by user

super foods. Uploaded by user

Maca Powder

Maca powder is obtained from the root of Peru. It is generally found in powder form, since it doesn’t grow in all climates. Powdered Maca is a very good adaptogen, which increases the energy levels and decreases the stress level of the body. It provides great energy and endurance. Maca is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B1, B2, C, E and other minerals like Zinc and Selenium. It decreases stress and helps to overcome conditions such as fatigue, depression and anemia.


It is the cheapest super food available which increases the energy levels significantly. The tender coconut is full of electrolytes and increased the energy level of the body immediately. It is very rich in potassium and is ideal for rehydration. Coconut contains saturated fatty acids, which boosts the immune system of the body. Coconut oil is among the cheapest of the oils found and has more positive effects on the body than any other oil.

Maca Powder, Maca Powder Super

Maca Powder, Maca Powder Super

All the super foods mentioned are rich in minerals and vitamins. These are great way to boost your energy levels. The main advantage of these super foods is that, they provide energy to the body at very less calorific value. Hence, by consuming these super foods, there is no need to worry about gaining weight.